App Studio is  the fatest on demand development platform for web and mobile applications.
It's like a remote team that helps companies to design their products, build their prototypes and develop their applications.
Develop your app.
Grow your business.
Open Studio is a digital studio open to all.
It is a workspace that offers freelancers several choices of missions, achievable remotely and paid immediately.
Choose your missions.
Work remotely.
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Studiolabs is a digital studio that develops websites and mobile applications for companies.

With our solutions, companies have the ability to build simply and quickly their digital future.
Let's Build the Future Together
Entrepreneurial Freedom
To give everyone the freedom to become an entrepreneur is to providing the opportunities and the resources to build and grow their business.

In that spirit, we have built an open organization for digital professionals. It is a decentralized network where everyone has the same opportunities, the work is shared and accessible to all. Freelancers judge by themselves if they can perform a mission.

We centralize the demands of the companies and redistribute them to competent professionals. The freelancers have the freedom to bring their skills to projects that interest them and the companies simply have access to the skills needed to realize their projects.
Open Innovation
Making digital accessible is enabling companies to improve and distribute their products to the billions of users on the Internet.

To help companies build innovative applications quickly and easily, we have experimented  new design and development methods with dozens of startups. As a result, companies are opening up new opportunities to find new users and provide better services.
These amazing companies worked with us